Be a part of something special with Hand in Hand. Our new fundraising packs contain all you need to run your own event and be a part of the services we will deliver to families over the next three months. €20k will go a long, long way to ensure the cleaning, laundry, childcare and family meals are provided and that these families get that special time to care and perhaps just a little less stress..  Just Raise €100. How about a coffee morning at work or a sponsored walk.  Maybe an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids or a sponsored silence!!  Whatever you decide to do, please contact us today. We have 200 Fabulous Fundraising Packs ready to post today. If each one raises €100, we will be able to fund our home support services for three months. Of course, the more you raise, the more we can do for the families we serve.

To order your Fundraising Pack or for further information please talk to Deirdre on 087 329 5395 Jennifer on 087 660 0103 or email  .