Introducing the New Hand in Hand Website


Instead of the doom and gloom that you could often be forgiven for thinking is just part of a staple diet in this old world of ours, it can often be re-invigorating and refreshing to get out and meet people with new ideas and a great attitude.  It beats listening to the latest bad news on the box, that’s for sure.

To that end Jennifer and myself visited Mervue Business Park in Galway yesterday afternoon in order to meet with the enthusiastic folks of Avaya, the Business Communications group.

Now I have to say right off that Avaya has consistently proven themselves to be good friends to Hand in HandIn the past they have raised money through such things as cake sales, Movember in conjunction with the Connaught Rugby Team (the Avaya Choir also sang at one of their matches), a wonderful 2013 Halloween Party and…well, you get the idea.    Yesterday, however, they came pretty close to outdoing themselves in generosity.  Not only did they present us with a cheque for €1,500 but also sat us down and went through the exciting new format that they have been working on for the Hand in Hand website. IT team

I should add that this is necessarily done by them taking time out of their own busy schedules.  They really are an extraordinary group of people, made all the more so when you consider that yesterday they had the unenviable task of explaining the changes to a computer semi-literate like myself.  However, they managed to make it painless and understandable; and most of all I hope that you find that the changes will let you interact with us and each other a lot more if you so wish.

Instead of being just about what we’re up to, we would love to focus on what you are doing and what you are going through.  I know from my own experience that I would be bouncing off the walls of the Rubber Room if I didn’t get my thoughts down on paper.  So, to that end, we would like to ask you to send in any articles you may wish or feel the need to write and we’ll print them here.  I know that I can speak for Jennifer when I say that we really want to hear from you.

As soon as the new site is up you will also be able to reply to us at the end of each article.  That is something else that we look forward to.  That extends to the fact that if you disagree with something that I myself have written, tell me about it.  Argue with me!  It’s called free speech.  We’re pretty thick-skinned here at Hand in Hand and actually do believe in the principle of ‘right-to-reply’ and –-yes—free speech.

So if you’re feeling outraged at some highly-paid top executives being coy about how much they are taking out each week, let us know.  If you think that they should be left alone then let us know that too!  Or if you have a wheelbarrow that you want to donate in order for some of these ‘health workers’ to carry their wages home, let us know how we can help you.

The new site should be up and running in a week or so.  I hope that you have plenty to say.  I know that we have!