Take a look at that photograph, if you would.  Look at those graceful lines; those vibrant colours; that stylish elegance.  Isn’t that a thing of beauty?  Jennifer?  No, get a grip, folks!  I’m talking about the neJen and Charleyw mini-van!

On Saturday March 29th Hand in Hand made its energetic and purposeful way (mumbling to itself in the third person, as it tends to do) in the general direction of Xtreme45 Motorcycle Shop on the Old Swords Road, County Dublin for fun and frolicking as a presentation was made of…yep, got it one:  that very lovely and especially-modified ten-seater Fiat Ducato.

Months of care, energy and sheer hard work had gone into making this presentation possible.  Back in February of 2013 it had only been a glint in the eye of Nicky Carvin, the founder and organizer of the Annual Across Ireland Motorcycle Run.  This merry band of volunteers has raised in excess of an astonishing €2 million for various charities over a 16-year period; and in 2013, to the great delight of Hand in Hand they decided to take the children’s cancer charity as their chosen one for that year’s project.

It was with enormous gratitude that we accepted this extraordinary gift and wish to acknowledge very sincerely the trouble that has been gone to by not only Nicky, bfun bus 4ut his crew– both bikers and non-bikers. We would also of course wish to extend that thanks to the sponsors, supporters and participants who made what had initially seemed a pipe-dream into such a wonderful reality.

I doubt that they themselves really understand what putting us in happy possession of such a vehicle really means to Hand in Hand. Quite apart from being able to utilize it in the transportation of families to and from treatment-related appointments, it will be an enormous asset in taking volunteers and equipment to and from charity events.  And of course there is the much-needed and not-to-be-underestimated visual presence!  I mean, it just looks so brilliantly eye-catching, doesn’t it?  It’s like having a highly-visibMini bus 1le, mobile advertisement zipping around the place.

No longer will we have to listen to the words:  “Hand in Hand?  Never heard of them!”  Now it will be more a case of:  “Oy!  Didn’t I see Jennifer Carpenter flying past me the other day, driving a snazzy-looking mini-bus with her nose in the air?”

Once again, to every single one of you who was responsible for providing Hand in Hand with such a prized and unique gift, a very warm thank-you.