Jen & Dee Get Their Groove On
(at Monroe’s with Doesn’t Matter)

Try saying that five times, very fast and with a mouth full of pizza.
You all know the old saw about Man making plans and God laughing? Well, He was having a right old go at Your Humble Narrator last Friday—yes, the 13th, wouldn’t you know?—when he threw a crisis at the very heart of Brady Towers just as YHN was about to leave for the one-off Doesn’t Matter re-union at Munroe’s Bar on Upper Dominick Street.
Never mind; no one missed me and some even celebrated since Hand in Hand was magnificently represented by our oracles of the office, our doyennes of the desktop, our eh…women of the workplace (weak, very weak)– Jumping Jazzy Jennifer and Delightful Dancing Dee.
Those who scrutinise this site with an almost religious fervor, chasing down my every word of wisdom (or even just people with a half-hour to kill) will recall that last Friday’s concert by the 90s band was in aid of the charity and marked the first time that they had played together in 18 years. This morning I finally got a chance to ask Jennifer how it had gone. She told me:
“When Dee and I arrived, there were already a few people there. As with any charity event we waited nervously to see how many were going to appear; but we needn’t have worried as there was a steady stream of people coming in and pretty soon the place was buzzing. Then, right on time at ten o’clock, the lads arrived minus Gareth. Then he dashed through the crowd and took his place.”
Maybe Gareth was taken by surprise with his fellow members being on time. From the little I can recall of rock concerts as I look back from the perspective of my dotage, ‘on time’ were never words I heard uttered in shouting distance of ‘bands’. Times must have changed. Jennifer went on:
“Before they even Doesn't Matter 002said ‘hello’ the dance floor was hopping– and the atmosphere? Oh, it was just amazing. It soon became obvious that the band on stage weren’t the only ones enjoying a reunion. There seemed to be groups of people who had followed Doesn’t Matter back in the day and even the families of band members meeting up after so many years.
“The lay-out of the venue itself was just perfect. It was my first time in Munroe’s and Dee’s first at a concert there; and the music was…” [Here my notes show the results of a woman babbling with unbridled enthusiasm. I was able to catch snippets such as “…was the best…”; and “…unbelievably the best…”. I guess it’s a compliment to the band that Granny Jen was turned briefly into a gushing teenager again.]
Have you composed yourself yet, missus?
“Apart from everything else their sense of humour was great throughout the evening. They just kept engaging with the audience and made it such a memorable night for everyone. Then…apart from original material that they were performing, to my utter joy and delight they played my all-time favourite song, ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ by INXS; and at the age of fifty I suddenly became a rock groupie again.”
My ears prick up like a deer in the wood at the use of the word ‘again’ as I had no idea that Jennifer had been a rock groupie previously.

Interesting; and one to be filed away for the possible purpose of future blackmail demands.
“There was rather a touching moment when Dee and I took a restroom break [how Oprah is that?] and a girl came in who seemed to be on the verge of tears.”
At this point I was hoping that someone had missed me after all—especially a female– but no such luck.
“In fact she was the sister of Eamon, the keyboards player and she was emotional because it was the first time that she had ever seen him on stage with a band, as she would have been too young on their first time around. Then we mentioned that we were with the charity that they were giving the proceeds to and that just made it for her. I’ll tell you, it was very touching.
“I was also delighted to meet Gary from Monroe’s. The whole team has been just marvelous. They laid on the venue for free and subsequently rounded up the figure taken to €2,000. So it was a really great night for the charity.
“I know that they insist that it’s a one-off but there have already been plenty of demands for them to reform; and Dee and I both agree that we would be in the front of the queue. Until then we’ll just have to be listening to their single ‘Gravity’, which will be released in a few weeks and of course we’ll keep readers posted. They may not be reforming but they have enjoyed rehearsing so much that they couldn’t resist this final gesture.
“And—incredibly, on top of everything else that they’ve done– the proceeds are going to Hand in Hand.
“So once more I just want to say thanks so much to all the lads ….”
And Doesn’t Matter were and are:
Shea McNelis. Lead vocals/guitar
Jason Walsh Drums/vocals
John Colohan Guitar/vocals
Eamon Ambrose Keyboards
Gareth Collins Bass/vocals

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