Time, methinks, to reacquaint readers with two smashing young ladies who introduced themselves to us a few months back.  They are ten-year-old identical twin sisters Sarah and Amy McMahon, who are pupils at Briarhill Amy & SarahNational School in Galway.  Twins run in the family as they in turn have sisters who are two years older–Katelyn and Lauren, also identical.  Throw in half-a-dozen mirrors and the McMahon household must be quite a fun—not to mention confusing– one to live in.

The girls had come up with the brilliant idea of raising money for Hand in Hand by having their very long golden locks cut off and donated to the Rapunzel Foundation.  The folks there make secure natural wigs for those who have lost their hair. The hair donated must be of a certain length and never have been treated with chemicals or colouring.

Amy and Sarah had been both moved and inspired when they read about eight (but soon-to-be nine!) year old Grace Kenneally, whose family are one of those being assisted by Hand in Hand.  Grace has certainly had her share of troubles and no mistake; but she has always faced them with a guts and tenacity that has touched others apart from Sarah and AGracemy.

However, it was the extraordinary selflessness of these girls that had us hoping that perhaps they might get to meet Grace.  Unfortunately, as Grace isn’t keeping the best at the moment, that has had to be ruled out. Well, for now.

In fact the road to the Day of the Great Hair Trim has found a few obstacles on the way and we thank the twins in particular for their patience and fortitude whilst we get things just right.

And on that note I’m delighted to announce that we have a date set for the 29th of June.  It will take place on our Family Fun Day [more information to come] which will be attended by the Connacht Rugby Team and will feature– as well as face-painting, bouncy castles and much more– our greatly-anticipated Bubble Football Tournament.  For those of you who have seen a demonstration of this we can assure you of a lot of laughs.

I’ve decided that I’ll be getting my own resplendent locks removed along with the girls.  Not because I want to but because Jennifer reckons that my mid-life crisis has gone on long enough.school cap

Sarah, Amy—you might have to give me a pep-talk beforehand in case I lose my nerve.  At this stage they just might find my old school cap under there.

See you then!

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