Benefits of the services families are entitled to avail of


We provide a selection of flexible childcare options through a home-based care provider. Childcare specialists are experienced, trained and Garda vetted. The range of services offered by these professionals include:

  • collecting other children in the family from school or creche
  • bringing siblings to after school activities
  • minding children until a parent returns home from work or a hospital visit

Families also find it beneficial to engage childcare to look after their child who is coping with cancer, while they have to attend events outside the home e.g. the weekly shop.

Domestic Cleaning

We contract professional cleaners from an established cleaning services provider to carry out an initial top to toe clean. Then to ensure families don’t have to worry about this on an ongoing basis by contracting the cleaners to return once a fortnight.

With treatment often requiring you to be away from home on a very regular basis and sometimes for days at a time, reducing the amount of time spent on household chores can give you both peace of mind that your home is clean and comfortable as well as more precious time to spend with your children.


Anyone who’s ever had a sick child will know that illness often means extra laundry.

This workload increases even further if you have a child who is immunosuppressed or dealing with the effects of treatment for cancer.

We remove the burden this creates by contracting your local laundrette to take care of your laundry.

You are free to drop sheets and clothes, for example, that need to be washed and dried into the laundrette whenever you wish.

Meal Delivery

At Hand in Hand we understand how tiring it can be to prepare a meal after a journey home following your child’s treatment in a Dublin hospital or even after a stay in a local hospital.

We will get in touch with a cafe or restaurant in your area to provide meals for your family on the days you need this help the most. Your family meal can be collected by you or delivered to you;  the cafe or restaurant will invoice us directly.

Many families who avail of this service find it removes an extra strain from their busy lives and allows them to spend their evenings with their children.

Please get in touch if you feel your family life would benefit from the above supports, we are here to help. Following an initial phone call we’ll visit you at your home and have a chat to establish how we can best help you. We’ll review this after six months to ensure we’re helping you as much as we can.